Corin the Coffee Camper

While Monday through Friday, Corin stays put as a drive-thru on 13th street, she is available for your weddings and events on the weekends.

Here’s what you’ll need to know to have Corin visit your event.

Corin is an eye catcher, but we know you don’t want your guests standing in a coffee line while everyone else is partying. Before your event, we will personally meet with you to plan the beverage menu that’s perfect for your event and number of guests, to keep wait times down and fun up!

We will arrive approximately one hour before your event to set up. It will take us about that amount of time to tear down and roll out after your event. Our cost to travel to you is included in your rental fees, provided you are within 50 miles of Corin’s home at 1342 13th Street, Columbus, GA.

Corin doesn’t like being without her family, so we will bring at least two baristas to every catering event. Corin cannot be rented without her own baristas. When Corin and her family show up to your event, keep in mind it has taken hours of prep work to have her arrive shiney and clean, photo-ready, with all the supplies and beverages for your event, and will take more hours of tear down as well. We will meet with you to create a custom rental package and fee for your event. This includes:

● two hours of Corin-time at your event

● two baristas

● personalized pre-event menu planning

● coffee bar tools

● set up and tear down (Your two hours of rental time is all yours. Set up and tear down is additional time, on us, and IS included in your price)

Beverage fees will depend upon your number of guests and chosen beverage menu, and will be custom quoted prior to signing rental agreement.

Corin is a beauty all on her own, but if you would like to upgrade your package for photo ops and style, we will create a lounge area for the outside, to include decor and moderate seating for an additional fee. Game upgrade for an additional fee. Includes cornhole and life-size Jenga.

Your date will be confirmed when, and only when, we receive your signed rental agreement and 50% deposit. Your deposit is refundable if you cancel three or more weeks before your event, to allow us time to book another event.

A little fun fact-Corin is named after owners Mike and Angie's oldest daughter. Not to be left out, their youngest daughter’s middle name, Camille, dubs their personal camping camper!

To book Corin, contact Angie Maldonado at (706) 992-6800 or best at

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