About Us

Our family opened Midtown Coffee House in January 2014, with a desire to create community in the heart of where our lives existed already-Midtown Columbus, Georgia. The pursuit of our dream started in 2012, when we set out to answer the question, “what business model would bring people together for fellowship and fun?” Our answer-coffee and a place that felt like a home!  We began seeking potential locations, researching the coffee business, and praying. Things didn’t instantly fall into place. After becoming overly immersed in the mission to open a business, God halted our plans temporarily, to center our focus. After a couple of months, things began to get rolling again. The doors opened to a great location, we fell into several opportunities to purchase much of our equipment for pennies on the dollar from shops that had closed, and we found a coffee roaster with a wonderful mission that we felt great about standing behind (Land of a Thousand Hills). So, there we were-a homeschooling mom and an Army Soldier, with no business experience, about to open a coffee shop. 

We selected a handful of employees that became family, moved our homeschool room to the back office at the shop, learned how to wake up at zero dark thirty, and opened our doors! Our daughters have worked off and on at the shop since they were 10 and 12 years old-one on roller skates, clearing tables, and the other pouring latte art as a preteen!  When we think back on our first year, we really had no idea what we were doing. God placed many great people in our path to guide us and wonderful customers who were patient with us. Midtown has become a place of solace and comfort to so many. That was our purpose from the beginning-to be a light on a hill. We hope and pray you always find it a place you can call home.